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Hard disk protection - effective and reliable against data loss and system changes

BitDisk hard disk protection software


Solutions for businesses, schools and home users.

Protect your computer from dangerous damage.

Install BitDisk® to prevent unwanted damage or destruction of your system with just one click. With BitDisk® you work on your PC protected against data loss and system changes. After each restart of the system, the computer is automatically restored to the previously saved original state. This way you can protect Windows and your computer from unwanted changes while you are experimenting with the system, sharing the PC with other users or trying out new software.

After installing BitDisk® you will have the following advantages:


You can browse unknown websites without hesitation.

By switching on BitDisk your system is protected against all received viruses, trojans and worms. After a reboot, the hard disk will be cleaned again from all pests.

So you can start all downloaded programs with peace of mind.

If a program does something strange, just restart the computer so that all changes are completely removed.

Trust your child with the computer

Trust your child with the computer. You can let your child use the computer at any time without hesitation. If your child accidentally deletes something important, or has visited a dubious website – you always have the possibility to undo all changes with a simple restart.


Full functionality for all users.

Each user has full administrator rights and can therefore do everything under Windows as on his private computer. If the user is missing a special software, he can install it without any problems. If software disturbs him, he can simply remove it.

Effectively reduce maintenance costs.

Reduce the maintenance costs of your computers, because your technicians only have to install new programs and updates when needed. If a user intentionally deletes software, this software is available again after a reboot, and therefore does not have to be laboriously re-installed by a technician.

Minimal performance loss.

Because of the way BitDisk works – only saving changed data into the image instead of creating a new image every time, the performance loss is so small that you hardly notice the difference to an unprotected computer.

How does it work?

Learn more about how BitDisk® works.